Burke, Vermont Town Charter Granted February 26, 1782

Burke Rubbish Services

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Curbside Pickup

The West side of Town (West Burke) is picked up on Tuesdays and the East side of Town (East Burke) is picked up Wednesdays, beginning at 7:00 a.m. You are required to have an orange " B sticker on your rubbish bags or to use a yellow 33 gallon "B" rubbish bag. These are sold in the area stores (East Burke Market and the Northeast Kingdom Country Store in East Burke, Mike's Gas & Redemption, Aldrich's General Store and The Town Clerk's Office in West Burke). The bags and the stickers are $3.00 each. We will not pick up rubbish in barrels that are larger than thirty gallons or do not have handles. Keep rubbish in a proper container so that animals will not get into it.

 Please be sure to have proper stickers visible for the attendants, or they will not pick up your rubbish.


Suggestions to Make Curbside Rubbish Pickup Run More Smoothly

We would like to suggest that everyone get a 30 gallon container who does not already have one and put one sticker on the top bag - this will prevent some people from using too many sitckers and help with the ones who do not use enough.

The Rubbish Attendants will no longer pick up rubbish from homemade rubbish barrels larger than 30 gallons and those that do not have handles.

  • Please make your rubbish containers visible to the Rubbish Truck driver from both directions.
  • Use containers no larger than 30 gallons. Please do not use 55-gallon drums to put your trash bags in. It makes it very hard to get the bags out.
  • Try to be considerate about the weight of each baq. You may put more than one bag in a thirty-gallon container and place a "B" sticker on the top bag. If bags are not placed in a 30-gallon container each bag must display a "B" sticker visible to the driver. Any bags without the stickers will not be picked up. Bags that are too heavy for the workers will be left to be rebagged for next week. You can buy your "B" stickers and "B" bags at any of the stores in both East Burke and West Burke and also at the Town Clerk's Office.
  • Do not put out tires, fluorescent bulbs or metal at curbside. We will take these items at the bulky days during the summer.
  • If you have any problems, questions or suggestions, please feel free to call the Town Clerk's Office at 467-3717.


Bulky Waste Day

Bulky Waste Day is held the third Saturday of each month, from May to October, to give everyone the opportunity to get rid of big items such as beds, furniture, TVs, yard stuff, metal and used oil. You must get an authorization slip from the Town Clerk's office. You are allowed to bring up to one pickup load of bulky items. In addition to used oil, the town also accepts car batteries, rechargeable batteries, batteries from battery-operated tools, and florescent light bulbs. There is a $25 charge for refrigerators and freezers. Because it costs the Town to dispose of tires, there is a handling fee. Tires 16" - $6.00, 19.5" - $10.00 and tractorltrailer tires are $20.00. In order to give everyone a chance to attend, the Selectmen have decided to limit the number of certificates to two per year per household.



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