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Burke Selectboard

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                                                                                                                       2021 Year in Review- Selectboard Letter

Despite another challenging year coming to a close, our board, employees and volunteers have risen to meet those challenges as best we could and have continued to move Burke forward.

Some long-term, major projects of note were completed this year. The Hayden Crossing Rd bridge project was completed and the road reopened to traffic. The East Darling Hill Rd road re-construction and up-hill bike lane project was completed as well. There were some add-ons to the original project scope that increased the cost- a large culvert at the top of the hill that needed to be replaced and reconfiguration of the intersection with the Burke Hollow Rd at the bottom of the hill. Our design consultants called for a 3-way stop at this intersection to reduce speeds and increase safety. The Flashing Speed Signs were installed in East Burke Village- Kingdom Trails and Burke Mountain generously donated the funds to cover the costs- Thank you! A speed study has been requested as the first step for installing these in West Burke Village as well.

Other road projects included a large culvert replacement on the Burke Hollow Road completed by contractor Darrell Mathews Excavation. 80% of the costs were covered by an AOT Structures grant. A paving project on the Victory Rd included milling, replacing several cross culverts, narrowing the wide intersection with VT Route 114 and a base coat of pavement. The topcoat will be paved this coming summer. Ruggles Engineering was hired to evaluate the intersection(s) in Burke Hollow. Several recommendations of reducing the speed limit, better signage, cutting back vegetation & an embankment will be implemented soon and we will investigate funding for additional safety improvements and potential realignment and elevation changes.

The Town has entered into a purchase agreement for 10 acres of land off US Route 5 across from Mike’s Gas for the site of a new Town Garage and we are investigating a small village waste system that could open the door for village revitalization. The West Burke Village Visioning project was completed by consultant Peter Fairweather. We’ve received a grant for a feasibility study to look at East Burke village challenges, including a crosswalk, sidewalk restriction at the East Burke church retaining wall and evaluating the bridge near Greer’s garage.

The Town will receive approximately $440,000 in ARPA funding over the next 2 years and we are working on what it can be used for and of that, what are the best fits for Burke. With recent changes to the funding guidance, we will re-evaluate that list.

We are replacing a 10 wheel plow truck this year and buying a new ton dump/plow truck. The old ton truck will be transitioned to the recycle program. A “walking roller” for the back of the grader will be purchased to compact the road after grading in an effort to reduce stormwater runoff.

We’ve had some challenges with rubbish truck break downs and staff turnover. Burke residents will be asked to voice their opinion about continuing with curbside rubbish and recycle pick-up and should look for a separate page with details to consider.

We have increased the contract maximum for the Sherriff’s Dept and have requested that both they and Vermont State Police increase speed enforcement throughout Town.

The Town has worked with Walker Rd residents to make improvements in anticipation of adopting it as a Class III Town highway. The work was completed very late in the year so a final inspection will take place in the Spring.

Town Administrator Mike Harris has informed the Board of his intention to give up the position after Town Meeting and just continue in his capacity as Zoning Administrator. The Board will re-evaluate the Administrator position/job description and decide how best to move forward.

The Selectboard would like to acknowledge and thank the employees and volunteers that keep the Town running. We live in an amazing town and appreciate you all. We invite citizens to participate in meetings, volunteer for boards and run for office. Wishing you all a safe and healthy year.


The Burke Selectboard

Christine Emmons

Joe Allard

Ford Hubbard



The Burke Select Board would like to remind town residents that despite the best efforts of the town road crew not to do so, sometimes items within the town highway rights-of-way get damaged, either by snow removal or other highway maintenance equipment. The town is not responsible for any damages obtained within this 49-112 foot right-of-way, and the select board is asking that residents beware, before leaving or placing objects such as vehicles, fences, trees, signs, etc., within these boundaries. Objects may be removed at owner's expense.


Source: 2017 Annual Report, Town of Burke, Vermont

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